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Internet vs. In-Store Pricing

The local pricing supplied by ACE Coffee Roasters (herein referred to as ACE) must include the comprehensive warranty and justifies the overhead associated with stocking a retail display and providing on demand service to the local market - be it Calgary, Saskatoon, Vancouver or Edmonton. Should you plan to drive up to the store location and take advantage of the in-store demo, have the privilege to see the equipment or utilize any of the sales staff on the premise then be prepared to pay the in-store price and receive the 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty. The in store price (or local price) may be amended to replace the local warranty to be provided by ACE Coffee Roasters as opposed to the manufacturer. ACE reserves the right to charge local purchases for warranty and where applicable impose such prices. Otherwise all pricing is designed for online sales and pricing is as enclosed. Warranty must be chosen at the time of check out and shipping is additional in all purchases.