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Warranty Information


Introduction: ACE Coffee Roasters has been a leader in its on-line warranty. ContaACE any past ACE customers or go to on-line forums and ask about our excellent after sales support. All ACE products carry a standard  one year warranty when the product is when purchased on Line. This is referred to as manufacturer Warranty against defective parts. Some products carry a 2 year manufacturer Warranty where specified. All warranties are redeemable at the ACE service center in your location or FOB ACE Coffee Roasters Canada. 

Comprehensive Warranties: The ACE Coffee Roasters Comprehensive warranty is for a period of 2 years and  will include parts ( electronic parts will carry only a 1 year full replacement warranty) and labor with no additional costs (that includes shipping of parts) to the customer. Warranty issues can be dealt with locally through the ACE representative in your local area. Warranty booklets are included with your product purchase. Should there not be any designated warranty depot in your local area - then please contact 780-244-0ACE or email for further warranty info or direction as to where the product may be brought for warranty service. Note: that service and parts are included in this warranty. The ACE warranty only applies to certain products and in some cases may be purchased separately. Warranty service may be dealt with by email 24 hours per day -7 days per week. Telephone support is available Toll Free between the hours of 8 am – 11 pm MST every day with the exceptions of certain holidays.

Warranties are provided to protect against manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear, misuse, negleACE or abuse is not covered under warranty. It's the responsibility of the purchaser to regularly clean and maintain the product(s).

ACE warrants that all machines purchased are new. Any noticeable testing on the machines is necessary to ensure manufacturer quality and good working operation prior to shipping.

Manufacturers (Standard 1 Year) Warranties:  If you have purchased a product online with the standard (manufacturer) 1 year warranty then you have saved the costs associated with the purchasing the service component of the warranty and taken the risks associated with no service being provided within the warranty period.  Consequently you have no local or dealer warranty and you will be responsible for all service necessary during the Warranty period. The parts will be supplied in replacement once the defective part is sent back to ACE Coffee Roasters Canada. The parts shipping costs will be shared by ACE and the customer during the 1 year manufacturer Warranty period. 

If after sales support is an important consideration for you then purchases the Comprehensive Warranty at the time of purchase (Checkout).  Warranties may not be purchased at a later date! Remember you get what you pay for!!

Certain products carry only the manufacturer's warranty and a ACE dealer warranty may not be purchased (ACE warranties may be purchased locally). For non ACE Warranty products it is necessary to contact the manufacturer's representative in the event that you require warranty assistance. The following products and associated contacts apply:

  • Saeco products - Saeco BC – 1-604-299-7555
  • Saeco products - Saeco Canada - 1-888-272-6601
  • Solis products -Solis Canada – 1-877-461-4445
  • Gaggia products - Saeco Canada – 1-604-299-7555 or 1-888-272-6601
  • Rancilio products - Rancilio N America –1- 630- 427-1703