Brew Guide: How to properly brew coffee on a Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One

As we all may know, the moccamaster coffee brewers are handmade at the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands and have a staggering 5-year warranty. The Cup-One is a single-serve brewer that makes a 10 oz cup of coffee. An excellent alternative to pod machines, it's a sustainable choice and allows you to brew your favourite coffee one cup at a time. The cost of entry for a system like this is slightly more expensive than a pour-over setup, but the benefit is that anyone in your family can use the brewer to make themselves a good coffee. It also takes up very little room on your counter.

Each brewer comes with three boxes of #1 filters, enough for 240 cups. The mug you see in our video comes separately, and we recommend it to complete the look.

The Recipe:

Dose: 18 g | Water Weight: 0.300 L | Ratio: 1:16.5

TDS: 1.42% | Extraction: 20%

Fellow Ode: Setting 4 | Baratza Vituroso / Encore: Setting 19-20


  1. Before we start, make sure your unit is OFF
  2. We will rinse the paper filter with water, and then dump the water out. We do this to warm up the brewer, and also it has an added benefit of removing any paper taste.
  3. Weigh out your coffee and then grind it. We are using 18 grams with our Single Origin Coffee. We are aiming for a high TDS and extraction brew. If you want a little less strength, you can lower the amount of coffee, going as little as 17 grams without needing to adjust the grind.
  4. You can now add the ground coffee to the basket, and make sure to level out the bed. This is because we want the water to hit all the coffee evenly.
  5. Place Brew-Basket lid on.
  6. Add water to the reservoir until it hits the line - approximately 300 ml.
  7. Place Reservoir Lid on


  1. Turn your unit ON. Make sure the mug is on the plate.
  2. To get a higher extraction, we must constantly agitate the coffee bed.
  3. Your bed of coffee afterwards will look nice and flat with very few grinds on the side. If you do not stir it, the distribution from the spout of the brewer will make a crater in the bed, achieving an unbalanced brew.

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