Professional Barista Courses & Training

Pro Barista Training is where we take the information we learned from Espresso Basics and see how it all comes together when working on a coffee bar making drinks for customers.

You will be accompanied by our professional barista, who will offer coaching and support at our West Ritchie location.

This is suited for:

  • Baristas are new to the world of coffee and would like to build new skills and apply them in their workplace. 
  • Cafe Managers would like to refine their current training material and set a new standard for their business. 
  • Wholesale accounts that want to invest in their coffee program to improve quality standards and maximize their sales. 

What to expect:

  • Four hours of one-on-one coaching with our educator. 
  • Take-home material highlighting beverage standards and troubleshooting.
  • Interacting and serving ACE Coffee Roasters customers. 

 Please contact us at to book this class.