3-Month Filter Gift Subscription

  • $135.00

This is the new way to try ACE Coffee Roasters, personally delivered or shipped to your door without worry. Enjoy coffee selected each month by the person who roasted them. Our 3-Month Gift Subscription provides you with two bags of coffee per month - both being our delicious filter coffee. You can quickly try all the classic filter blends of coffee that ACE is built upon or new single-origin coffees that define the future. We will rotate your offerings every month.

What is a gift subscription?

A gift subscription refers to a prepaid coffee subscription offered to a friend or family member - fill in your gift recipient's shipping details at the checkout stage. The gift subscription is prepaid for three months, and your recipient will receive two coffees per month until the end of the 3-month interval. It will automatically cancel after that. You can choose between two 1KG bags per month or two 340G bags per month. 
Our 2 x 340G will provide enough coffee for one standard 12 oz serving per day during a month. That's like one pour-over a day for thirty days. If you brew 1.0 litre of coffee daily, our 2 x 1KG option will provide you with enough coffee for one month. Granted, that is using a recommended ratio of 55 grams to 65 grams of coffee for every litre of water.