BREMEN Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

  • $39.99


A manual ceramic conical burr grinder with a simple and reliable mechanism that will evenly grind your coffee beans. Each grinder comes with an extra jar & lid for grind storage. A removable silicone lid is also included to prevent spillage when grinding beans.

  • A gap adjustment that allows you to go from coarse grind (perfect for French press coffee), to medium grind (ideal for pour over coffee makers) to fine grind (perfect for espresso)
  • Detachable silicon lid
  • Ceramic conical burr 
  • Easy grip hand crank
  • Extra glass container w/ lid for storage
  • Perfect for travelling, compact, and requires no electricity


How to Use

With the Bremen burr coffee grinder, it takes only 2-3 minutes to grind coffee for a cup. Freshly ground coffee, 1 cup at a time, brews the true taste of a quality coffee bean. An electric grinder often will grind too much, and generate heat which can scorch the coffee beans.