Grosche Amsterdam Pour Over Coffee Maker

  • $69.99


The AMSTERDAM from Grosche is their newest and best pour over coffee maker for personal home use. With a removable glass top, a double layer fine hole mesh filter, and a modern carafe, its design is unique and easy to use for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Hand-blown Borosilicate glass carafe 
  • Double player stainless steel permanent coffee filter
  • Comfort non-slip grip
  • 850ml capacity
  • Unique design inspired by Amsterdam coffee shops


1. Get into the Grind

Grind your favorite whole bean coffee to a medium coarse ground.

2. Making coffee

To make coffee in the Amsterdam use your gooseneck kettle to first sprinkle a little hot water on the coffee grinds in the filter. This should be enough to get the beans wet, but not to have much water drip into the glass carafe. Then you will wait around 1-2 minutes for the beans to absorb the water. This is called “blooming the coffee”. It is similar to waking up the coffee beans to get them ready to brew. Then you pour water slowly in a circular way to prepare the coffee. Pour over drippers allow you to control the flow of the water and to perfect the flavour extraction from the coffee beans.

3. After the bloom

After blooming the coffee, the ideal brew time will vary between 2.5 to 4 minutes and will depend on your flavour choice. If you like stronger coffee, pour more slowly. If you like it a little less strong, you can pour more slowly.

4. Enjoy the perfect cup

Pour your freshly made coffee into your mug and indulge in the flavor.