Ratio Six Coffee Brewer White

  • $399.00
  • $499.00

CaffeTech presents the well engineered Ratio Six Batch brewer. Constructed primarily of stainless steel and BPA Free copolymer plastic. The Ratio Six Coffee Brewer comes complete with pre infusion , a heat shield surrounding the brew basket  and precise timed water delivery, the Ratio 6 is one of the most accurate and efficient batch brewers for the home.

The Ratio Six brewer is a batch brewer that combines a sleek design, thermal carafe  and well appointed features that enable your pot of brewed coffee to remain fresh and hot at all times.

 It features glass lined water tubes, a brew basket heat shield, and thermal carafe. All these features are designed to maintain brew water temperature at 93.5 celsius throughout the brewing process and to successfully keep the coffee very hot in the serving thermos.

The Ratio Six coffee brewer offered by CaffeTech, uses a flat bottom basket to insure even extraction. Using slightly different recipe proportions, the Ratio Six is capable of brewing 1 litre and 1/2 litre batches it’s recommended that the Ratio six brewer be adjusted for 1/2 size recipes accordingly. 

On the base of the Ratio Six there are 3 separate indicator lights located above the simple main operable push button switch  which controls the entire brew cycle. The 30 second bloom stage Introduces 250 g water to the brewing  phase to insure that all the grounds used are adequately saturated for the 2nd stage of the brewing cycle ; the “ brew stage”. Once the remaining water Is dispensed through the brewing phase then the " Ready" light will illuminate. 

Made with high-quality stainless steel, BPA Free Copolymer Plastic & glass and featuring a 5-year warranty, the Ratio Six is the solid choice batch brewer available in 3 colours to accent your kitchen or office  environment. 

Whats Included:

  • Ratio Six Coffee Maker
  • Ratio Six Thermal Carafe + Filter
  • Basket
  • Lid for Filter Basket with Heat Shield
  • Catcher for Filter Basket
  • Ratio Microfiber Towel
  • Basket Paper Filters - 4 sample filters
  • Operation guide
  • Removable power cord