Eureka Mignon XL

  • $1,149.95

Eureka is known for manufacturing high-end, precise and stylish espresso grinders in Italy since 1920. The Mignon XL is a part of Eureka's Oro - a new generation of coffee grinders to commemorate the company's centenary - combining the latest technology and expression of the “State of the Art” in coffee grinding for any type of coffee preparation, creating a new gold standard for grinders.

Modern baristas, both professional and at home, are constantly looking for super fast coffee grinders which are able to ensure the best taste for any type of coffee preparation.

The Mignon XL, combines very high productivity with an extremely low coffee retention, without compromising grind quality.

Silent Grinding
The Mignon XL and Eureka Oro grinders are designed from the ground up to offer a silent grinding experience. We think they are so silent that at first, you won't trust your ears.

Always be in touch
Eureka's IoT Connectivity System ensures you the full access to the settings and the possibility to adjust all the grinding parameters remotely, monitoring in real time both operation and consumption data.

Premium grinding quality
The burrs on the Mignon XL, entirely designed in-house by Eureka's R&D department, are the result of long term tasting tests aiming at satisfying the most complex needs as well as assuring the perfect coffee in the cup.

Comes with:

  • Mignon Mat Kit
  • 300g hopper
  • Hands free fork