Home Espresso Program

If you own an espresso machine or are considering purchasing one, we recommend looking at our home espresso program. Our home espresso program outlines the journey from learning about your home espresso setup to making cafe-standard beverages. It is a fantastic entry point to learn what it's like to own a machine and maximize your use.

Who: The program is for someone new to coffee who wants to build a solid foundation. We require no previous brewing experience, and you do not need a machine at home. We recommend this program if you are new to owning a machine or considering purchasing one. All these classes will teach how to maximize its use.

When: Our group classes are done every 4th Saturday of the month, and our one-on-one classes are on weekdays through appointments, primarily on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

What: The following classes are in order according to the ideal journey. If you own a machine already, our introduction to espresso at home is optional.