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Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer


This brewer is what we call a no-bypass brewing. In typical brewing, water is natural to skip the bed and enter straight into the brewed cup. It can happen intentionally - such as our Aeropress Bypass method - or unintentionally - such as water going through the paper filter sideways because there is too much resistance in the slurry. Bypass is a naturally occurring thing that many roasters worldwide consider when making coffee.


    Before we start brewing, there are some things we need to prepare.
    • Have a kettle ready with at least 500 ml of water, a scale and a grinder.
    • We will be setting our kettle ready right off the boil.


    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 1 Weigh out 13 grams of coffee on a setting more on the fine side.
    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 2 Rinse the filter with hot water to warm up the plastic brewer and prevent heat absorption during brewing, which can hinder extraction.
    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 3 You can add the coffee to the bed, and because we are grinding somewhat fine, there may be some clumps. It's important to level it out and distribute it evenly.
    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 4 We will bloom the coffee by adding 45 grams of water and giving the brewer a slight swirl. Allow blooming for 45 seconds, then you can add the rest of the water to the shower head.
    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 5 You can add the remaining water, pouring as fast as you can. Your final brew time will be around 5:00 to 6:00 minutes.
    Tricolate No-Bypass Brewer Guide Step 6 Enjoy your coffee!


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    Technical Details

    • TDS 1.20-1.30%
    • Extraction 22%
    • Fellow Ode Settings 1.2
    • Baratza Setting 11-12
    • Ratio 13G:260G (1:20)
    • Water Temperature Boiling Water