ACE Barista Foundations Skills - Intermediate

  • $1,150.00

The Barista Foundation Skills - Intermediate course is tailored for individuals who have some experience in barista skills and are eager to deepen their knowledge and proficiency to elevate their coffee-making abilities. This intermediate-level course serves as a natural progression from the Foundation course, offering participants an opportunity to expand their understanding and refine their techniques in coffee preparation.

What's Included:

  • A comprehensive exploration of coffee varieties, origins, and processing methods to understand their impact on flavour profiles.
  • This is an in-depth analysis of coffee parameters such as quantity, grind texture, water quality, and shot time and how they influence brew recipes.
  • Practical instruction on drink construction, taste differentiation, workflow optimization, and efficiency enhancement.
  • Hands-on training in sensory evaluation of espresso extraction, milk handling, and latte art techniques.
  • Continued skill development in preparation for advanced barista functions in the Barista Foundation Skills - Advance course.

What to Expect:

Participants can expect an immersive learning experience combining theoretical knowledge and practical application. Through interactive sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, learners will better understand coffee science and enhance their brewing skills. They will receive personalized guidance from experienced instructors and have ample opportunities to practice and refine their techniques. By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the knowledge and confidence to elevate their coffee-making abilities to the next level.

  • Flexible start time with an option for one day of 6-hour classwork, or two days of 3-hour classwork.

Who Should Attend:

The Barista Foundation Skills - Intermediate course is ideal for baristas with prior experience who are seeking to expand their skills and knowledge in coffee preparation. It is suitable for individuals who have completed the Foundation course or have equivalent experience in basic barista skills. This course is perfect for aspiring professionals looking to enhance their career prospects in the coffee industry and those passionate about improving coffee quality and customer satisfaction.