ACE NO.3 Espresso

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Experience the rich espresso culture of southern Italy with our NO.3 espresso blend. Our expertly crafted blend uses only specialty-graded arabica coffee to recreate the traditional dark roasted robusta flavour that defines southern Italian espresso. The NO.3 is our most popular espresso blend and is characterized by a heavy mouthfeel, low acidity, and decadent richness that will leave you wanting more.

For those looking for a fruitier espresso but still with low acidity, we recommend trying our NO.2 Espresso Blend. Join us in celebrating the art of espresso making with our premium blends.

Brew Methods


Extraction Time
Lever Extraction 18.1g dose | 24ml yield 40-44 seconds
Pump-Driven Extraction 19g dose | 28ml yield 28-30 seconds
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