Why you should try a Subscription from ACE Coffee Roasters.

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Why you should try a Subscription from ACE Coffee Roasters.

ACE Coffee Roasters is a Canadian Company located in Edmonton, Alberta. Through respecting the art and process of the past, our team of experienced roasters has developed an evolving portfolio of coffees that reflect our passion, philosophy and commitment to roasting with the end goal of crafting delicious coffees. In addition, our commitment to continually improving assures defect-free bags of roasted coffee. We have a lot more reasons to try a subscription from us. 

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ACE works with trusted green coffee buyers that are certified Q-graders to ensure all our green coffees score a minimum of 86 points. Our single-origin and blended coffees are seasonally sourced, consistently clean, and great tasting. At ACE Coffee Roasters, Our only goal is to source and roast great-tasting coffees for our customers. 

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Every season, Our perspective green coffees are analyzed, sampled, and cupped before we commit to coffee-buying contracts. After approval, roasting profiles are developed and continuously monitored using our proprietary roasting software to ensure that all ACE coffees are unique, consistent and of the best quality. We track three variables when we roast our coffee, and every batch must be within our tolerance range of +/- 1% for each variable. At ACE, accuracy and consistency are our commitments to our customers.

We package your fresh coffee orders daily and endeavour to ship your coffee the same day - 5 days per week. We use courier services that promise an ETA of 1 business day, and to maintain transparency at ACE, we position roast dates on the bottom of your coffee package.

SHIPPING IS FREE - five days per week; we ship your orders using express services that promise an ETA of 1 Business day. To qualify for free shipping, a minimum of two bags of 340G coffee or one bag of 1KG are purchased. We endeavour to ship your fresh roasted coffee orders on the same day. You can find roast dates at the bottom of your coffee package.

Loyalty is rewarded. At ACE Coffee Roasters value your continued patronage and believe in rewarding individuals who brew better coffee at home. Create a Loyalty Rewards account to sign up and start saving on all future subscription purchases.

With over 30 years of Industry experience, ACE offers “in-person” and “online” coffee classes, among other programs. All ordered coffees come with informative cards detailing optimum brewing methods for your ACE coffee. These recipes are repeatable and meet SCA Standards for brewing. Furthermore, We encourage you to ask for advice on brewing methods and how to get the best out of your ACE coffee subscription.

Enrollment in the ACE Coffee Subscription program is simple. Your subscription is easy to manage, allowing you to pause or cancel your coffee subscription anytime. Questions? We're here to help.


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