How do points work with ACE Coffee Roasters?

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How do points work with ACE Coffee Roasters?

  • What are the points?
    • You get points at ACE Coffee Roasters, whether you shop online or in person. These points have an in-house value which can then be redeemed for discounts toward your purchase.
  • How do I earn?
    • First, you must activate an account on our website.
    • Our system needs your email address to track points. The easiest method is to send yourself a copy of your receipt through email. The other popular method is to notify your barista beforehand that you collect points, and they will add you to the cart.
    • Occasionally, we also send out bonus ways to earn points through emails. We recommend signing up online.
  • How do you view your points?
    • Whether you're on mobile or desktop, it is very easy! Look for the chat bubble with the target on it. We also have it on our navigation titled “ACE Coffee Club.” The popup will ask for your email address and send you a one-time login link to your email.
  • What can I redeem points for?
    • We change our program regularly to offer unique discounts, but some constant ways to redeem are $5 off Whole Bean Coffee, $5 off subscriptions, or a redemption where 100 points = $1. By exchanging your points for one of these coupons, you will receive a code. You can use that code online or in person.


  • FAQ
    • Will I receive emails related to marketing?
      1. Customers have the choice to choose and give consent to subscribe. An option for subscribing happens during the checkout process when the POS asks for their email. If you want emails, such as special promotions or unique ways to earn extra points, you can select “Yes.” If you wish not to receive any emails, please select “No.”
    1. What happens when I redeems a $5 coupon, but my cart is less than $5?
      1. The remaining amount on the coupon goes towards nothing. There is no cashback or cash value. 
    2. Are gift cards eligible?
      1. Unfortunately, Gift Cards do not work.
    3. I forgot to collect points on my visit.
      1. Fret not! If you still need to add your email and collect points, there is a 24-hour window where you can visit in person at the applicable location you made the order to have it corrected. Unfortunately, all data from our POS is erased after 24 hours, and this can not be solvable remotely.


  • Terms and Conditions
    • ACE Coffee Points can not be exchanged for cash value. There is no real monetary value.
    • You will lose the rest of the discount if you redeem a discount higher than the cart value. For example, a $10 off coupon used on a cart value of $5 will mean the rest of the value will disappear, and it can not be used again. There is no cashback or cash value.
    • Earning points on orders is only applicable up to 24 hours after purchase.


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