Breville Espresso Program

Breville's range of espresso machines makes it possible to enjoy specialty coffee at home. Our Breville Program covers the critical formula of espresso extraction, milk steaming, and drink crafting. This program is built to show how your Breville Machine can take you to cafe quality.

Who: The program is for someone who recently purchased a Breville espresso machine or is considering purchasing one. We require no previous brewing experience, and you do not need a machine at home. Breville’s semi-automatic machines make entry into the world of coffee easier. We recommend this program if you want to tie together making cafe-quality coffee at home with your brand-new Breville machine.

When: Our group classes are done every 3rd Saturday of the month, and our one-on-one classes are on weekdays through appointments, primarily on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

What: The following classes are in order according to the ideal journey. If you own a machine already, our masterclass is optional. There will be more value in our one-on-one classes.