ACE NO.1 Espresso

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Our NO.1 Espresso is the foundation of ACE Coffee Roasters. Developed for our first wholesale customers, it pioneered modern Italian espresso in Edmonton. Even today, it remains a symbol of quality and taste, showcasing the best elements of the green coffee we source. Our trademarked coffees, a staple in our repertoire, are used in the NO.1 Espresso, including rotating micro-lots scoring more significant than 86 points for peak flavor.

The NO.1 Espresso displays more acidity among our current espresso offerings. But, if you prefer a fruit-forward taste, try our NO.2 Espresso. Or, for something more decadent, our NO.3 Espresso is an excellent alternative.

Trust us; we've been perfecting our craft for years and know what we're doing. Get your hands on our NO.1 Espresso today and experience the essence of ACE Coffee Roasters!

Brew Methods


Extraction Time
Lever Extraction 18g dose | 24ml yield 38-42 seconds
Pump-Driven Extraction 19g dose | 38ml yield 28-32 seconds
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