Indonesia Aceh Gayo - Honey (Single Origin)

  • $24.50

The Gayo Arabika Mahkota Indonesia (GARMINDO) cooperative consists of 760 members cultivating small plots averaging 1.5 hectares each in the Northern Gayo Mountains' dense tropical forests. These farms resemble scattered gardens tended by their owners due to their small size and rural nature. Established in 2008 by Sakdan, who operates Bergandal Farm and Mill serving as a coffee collection point, GARMINDO fosters community and resource sharing among local coffee producers. Sakdan's commitment to the cooperative stems from his family's long history in coffee farming, supported by their vintage wet-hulling machine powered by an original Mitsubishi truck engine, reflecting Sumatra's introduction to the Giling Basah process decades ago. The honey-processed coffee undergoes meticulous steps including handpicking, fermentation, washing, sun drying, hulling, grading, and final hand sorting to ensure high quality.