Clever Dripper Clean Immersion Brewing

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Clever Dripper Clean Immersion Brewing


The Clever Dripper is an immersion brewer by design, but its trap door feature filters the coffee - making a rich, luscious, and sweet cup of coffee without sediment. It is one of our favorite brew methods and our brewer of choice at our West Ritchie Location. The process is quick, easy and adaptable to your personal taste. Here is our favorite way to brew on it.


Before we start brewing, there are some things we need to prepare.

  • Have a kettle ready with at least 500 ml of water, a scale and a grinder.
  • We will be setting our kettle for 100℃ degrees. If you have a stovetop kettle, let it reach boiling temperature right before you start brewing.


When you brew coffee on the clever, if you pour the water first and then add the coffee, the brewing process is faster. This is because pouring the coffee first results in a slower drawdown, which takes around 2-3 minutes to complete and can lead to clogging. When the drawdown takes longer, many people try to adjust their brewing parameters, but doing so can impact the flavour of the coffee. On the other hand, adding the water first makes the drawdown faster and takes 1:30 minutes or less, which helps avoid clogging and ensures a better flavour.


Clever Dripper Brewing Step 1 Weigh out 20 grams of coffee and grind it on a medium-coarse setting.
Clever Dripper Brewing Step 2 Rinse the filter with hot water to warm up the brewer and to prevent heat absorption during brewing, which can hinder extraction.
We will be adding water first, not the coffee. We will add 300 ml of water. 
You can now add the coffee to the water. 
Stir it to make sure you saturate all the coffee and there are no dry air pockets. You do not need to stir aggressively - we still want a nice crust to form on the surface.
We are letting it steep undisturbed until your timer hits 2:00.
We will then stir it again to break the crust and let the coffee fall to the bottom.

At the 2:15 mark you can place the Clever Dripper on your carafe, server or mug. This will take another 0:45 seconds.

Serve and enjoy!


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Technical Details

  • Dose 20g
  • Water Weight 300 ml
  • Ratio 1:15